Welcome to Bloomberg Labs, the official technology site for Bloomberg, a company powered by engineers and designers, builders and makers who are delivering unrivaled products and services every day. We have created this place and space because we are dedicated to exchanging ideas and engaging with technologists, academics and the global developer community. Learning from one another helps drive innovation.

The Bloomberg technologists contributing content to Bloomberg Labs drive the cutting edge of research and innovation in quantitative finance, machine learning, software development and open technologies, to better serve our audience of financial professionals. We certainly have a lot to share with the broader community, but we also believe we have a lot to learn. Over the past decade we have experienced the value of fostering open solutions and creating open specifications – it is without a doubt the most important benefit of greater participation in the broader technology community.

Our ultimate goal with Bloomberg Labs is to create a valuable, extended community. We have more than 3,000 technologists who are working around the world every day to define, architect, build and deploy solutions to some of the hardest problems in our industry. We hope you join us.

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