The Basic Development Environment consists of a number of package groups (libraries), that build upon the libraries below them to provide higher and higher levels of functionality for application developers.

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The bdl (Basic Development Library) package group currently contains system-level utilities and concrete allocators derived from the bdlma::Allocator protocol. In the future, this package group will also provide foundation-level services, vocabulary types, and containers.


The BDL package group contains a small number of packages. They include:

  • bdlma provides allocators, pools, and other memory-management tools.
  • bdls provides system-level utilities for BDL.
  • bdlscm provides versioning information for BDL library components.

Source Code

BDL is developed as part of the larger BDE distribution, and its source code is located in the BDE repository on GitHub.


Comprehensive component- and class-level documentation for BDL can be found here.

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