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A listing of press releases, blog posts and other activity related to adoption of Bloomberg's Symbology throughout the financial industry.

SIM Venture Securities Exchange adopts Bloomberg Open Symbology

The SIM Venture Securities Exchange (SIM VSE) announced today it will use the Bloomberg’s Global Identifier (BBGID) on its website for all listed securities.

BBGID is part of Bloomberg’s Open Symbology (BSYM) initiative, which promotes transparency, uniformity and lowers data management costs for market participants.

“In keeping with our ethos of leadership in innovation, we adopted Bloomberg’s securities identifiers to provide international investors greater accessibility to information from the SIM VSE,” said Ann Bowering, Chief Executive Officer of SIM VSE. “Improved Transparency will create greater interest in and awareness for investing in clean technology, renewable energy and biological science companies traded the SIM Venture Securities Exchange.”

Bloomberg’s Global Identifier, BBGID is a 12‐digit alphanumerical identifier that covers more than 100 million active and inactive securities across global asset classes. It is available free of licensing fees, restrictions or commercial terms. Exchanges and financial institutions can now benefit from quicker integration and lower costs associated with using proprietary global and local security identifiers.

“Firms often have to license several proprietary symbologies in order to manage trading operations in multiple markets and across asset classes,” said Peter Warms, head of Bloomberg’s Open Symbology group. “BSYM is a robust, open and free‐use alternative to proprietary libraries. Its ongoing adoption by exchanges around the world reflects the industry’s desire to maximize market connectivity and transparency, while facing the need to reduce costs.”

About SIM Venture Securities Exchange
SIM VSE is an Australian Market Licensed equity market established to provide specialised capital market services for clean‐tech and green‐tech companies. By linking the themes of scarce capital, scarce resources and sustainability, SIM VSE is seeking to become the Exchange for a cleaner planet. Established in 2010, SIM VSE is a joint venture between Financial and Energy Exchange Limited (FEX) and the National Stock Exchange of Australia Limited (NSX).